6 Star Master Instructor
Carol Coppinger

Pat Parelli has created a program (with the help from his wife Linda and her sister Yvonne) that can help anyone become a horseman! It is truly the ULTIMATE way to train your horses! Students in the Parelli Program(Savvy Club) have access to a huge on-line Education Library that is so easy to locate videos and articles that contain the knowledge you are looking for. As a member of the Savvy Club you will be guided through videos and articles which will a accelerate your understanding of horses and help you know what is important to achieve your dreams with horses. As a Parelli student you will find friends that share your passion with horses...you are indeed not alone in your journey to get better with horses. There are hundreds of Lessons, Clinics, Workshops, Camps and Playdays with Parelli Professionals that are trained and ready to help you all around the world. This program is so structured you can be totally empowered in your learning journey to be that horseman you may have just dreamed of being. Pat has even defined a levels program that allows you to measure your progress as a learner and you are awarded a Certificate and a specific colored Savvy String for each level achieved.

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I am a fulltime Licensed 6 Star Master Instructor in the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship program. I am located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, USA. If you would like to learn more check out my schedule Click here! At my place in Mt. Juliet I have available for your use a roundpen, indoor and outdoor arena in addition to stalls for your horse, hotels are close by and we have most of the comforts of home available to you.

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Carol Coppinger, P.o Box 788, Mount Juliet, Tn 37121

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Carol Coppinger, P.o Box 788, Mount Juliet, Tn 37121


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