December 2016

Carol Coppinger

At this time I am not scheduling any events for the forseeable future.

Carol & Legend

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Update: As of late November I have been focusing on my family and my home. I am seeing a very happy husband, cats and my horses all are much happier! Recently I have been heading back to my woods, where I used to have cool trails. Those trails had since grown up and had been left unattended for the last 20 years. I started with just a goal of making new parameter trails for me to enjoy trail riding on but the scope grew and now I am making those trails usable to my golf cart and some to the tractor and bushhog! Whew.... lots of work....lots of fallen trees, dead trees. I have made great progress over the last week and tonight I actually took the tractor into the woods and actually made it! I have to say my cat PC1 actually goes with me on the golf cart and explores the area while I am working. To make sure I am not falling short on my fitness I have also joined Planet Fitness and am enjoying refocing my body to get in shape!

Thank you all for your concerns and comments.



** Thoughts 02/12/2017 ** My trails are almost ready for horse use! What does that mean....You should be able to ride on them without dodging tree limbs and brush! The golf cart can travel them all and the tractor with the bush hog can travel on the main one! yeah! That means they will be usable even in the summer when the ticks are the worst. I was thinking the other day just how much we often take so many things for granted. Whether it is time with humans or time with those critters you have agreed to take care of that time is very important for all. Just today I sat down out in front of my barn to take a rest when PC2 jumped in my lap and PC3 came and laid beside my foot! That was unheard of before this treasured time I am taking. Take time to smell the roses....holds true for many things.

** Thoughts 02/05/2017** I am so enjoying reconnecting with my home and family. What is funny but sad in some ways is I just did not realize how far I had strayed from having a calm, connected lifestyle rather than a rush, rush, rush, get er done and rush some more trying to keep commitments across the country and globe. With my brain being allowed to relax a bit I have observed a change in my horses that is positive and indeed what everyone strives to achieve and that is happy, willing and ineractive attitudes. I had observed some behavior from Sol this last year that made me reflect on his quality of life and to strive to find a happy medium for us both. I am here to report it is so working! I taught the "games" to thousands but the bigger challange was not turning those games into drilling. It is important that once those games were known and understood that the customs of the equine herds in addition to using the language correctly becomes paramount. The "games" are great to teach people how to begin to communicate with horses but that is just .00000001% of the process. The hardest thing to conquer for humans is "Slowing Down" and waiting on the horse to process the request. What are you waiting for or what do you want to see? Licking and Chewing.....then.....the question....The question will appear in sometimes very subtle ways and othertimes the horse will almost knock you over wanting to know what else you would like.


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